The Lockout Series: Charity


In today’s thrilling adventure of The Lockout Series, we talk about charity. Some people will tell everyone that they donated a zillion dollars to Hurricane Sandy relief and others will take a George Steinbrenner approach to it (no, no, not “BUY EVERYONE FOR MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, EVEN THE GUYS WITH CRAPPY ARMS” way); “But if you do something good for some person and more than two people know about it–you and the other person–then you didn’t do it for the right reason.”

  • Desperate for hockey, Nashville Predators fans, announcers, and coaches surprise local youth team (h/t deadspin as always) around the middle of November.
  • Alex “Sasha” Semin, my favorite Former Washington Capital (bumping Olaf Kolzig to #2 for the time being — because those 8 games with Tampa Bay counts, dammit), hasn’t been seen on MSG’s coverage of “random KHL teams!” games because he’s not playing in the KHL, though, he is playing in Russia according to this translated article from Russian Machine Never Breaks:

    [late September/early October], former Washington Capital Alex Semin settled on his lockout destination, surprising everyone by choosing Sokol Krasnoyarsk, a minor league team from his hometown. “When I was leaving for the NHL, I dreamed that if there is ever a decent team and an opportunity, I would definitely play in front of my local fans,” Semin explained during his introductory press conference. “And my (90-year-old) grandma hasn’t seen me play in person for awhile. I’ll give her a present.”

    From adorable Russians (note, guys, the easiest way to be attractive to a lady? Be sweet about your grandmother. The Golden Girls has ruined us all as a society and if you are a dick to Rose, Dorthy, Sophia or Blanche [but really, no one wants a grandma Blanche because sharing a box of condoms with your grandmother is weird] then you are terrible) to adorable teddy bears:

  • Watch 21,453 stuffed animals fly in a hockey rink — aka: the 18th annual awesomeness for charity in Calgary with Bret Hart’s Calgary Hitmen team.

    So, in case you haven’t heard — the east coast (i.e. the best coast and the coast where I will always reside) was hit by a “Hurricane” (supposedly it’s been downgraded to a SuperStorm, but either way, the destruction is like a hurricane mixed with a tornado mixed with a flood mixed with tears & sadness). You can go to to send money, in a few days there will be a “Concert For….” based in MSG on 12-12-12 and they’ll also have ways & people to donate too, and then there are other more local (if you are local) ways to donate:

  • The first was in the weeks before Thanskgiving this year, The “War to Restore NJ” Hockey Night in Morristown, NJ. I did not get to go but the biggest “!!!!” draw of it was that Sergei Brylin was skating for the Devils team. Oh, and DeBoar also suited up. Seriously, go click on the link because the picture is kind of hilarious in a “what the what??” sort of way. They also raised over $24,000 and 3,462 pounds of food were donated. Because? #JerseyStrong
  • And then during Thanksgiving week, Team Philly/NJ vs. Team New York happened in Atlantic City — originally it was known as Team NJ but then I guess it got a name change because there were more Flyers then Devils (and Philly is the capital of South Jersey and my South Jersey cousins were hit hardest). Scott Hartnell was the King, I mean, Captain of Team Philly / NJ and some guy named Brad Richards was the Captain for Team New York. For coverage of the game, please go to the Devils Army Blog’s snapshot of a beautiful time where there are no rivals except for our combined hatred of Hurricanes and Gary Bettman.

    CSN Philly had this great quote:

    [Simon] Gagne got Philly’s first goal on Lundqvist in the second period.

    “The Rangers should call the league and tell them we should start playing pretty soon because [Lundqvist] is pissing away a lot of talent right now,” Gagne said.

  • And finally, the Devils Army Generals had 3 events in the Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza throughout the state on Thursday. I got the short end of the stick, I’m sure you can figure out which one:

    80 Parsonage Road, Edison – Special Guest: Jim Dowd
    852 State Route 3, Clifton – Special Guest: Bruce Driver
    984 Route 17 North, Ramsey – Special Guest: Grant Marshall

    But, it was okay because myself and my family were able to buy a t-shirt, raffles and 20% of our check if we were wearing Devils gear went towards Hurricane Sandy relief. And it was great to be surrounded by hockey fans (and very, very, very confused pizza lovers) for a moment this year.

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