Summer Ice


So, I went offline for a little while… Was I licking my wounds because the Devils lost to the Kings? was I busy trying to get employed so that if hockey does return, I can afford to see more games? did I just run out of words that weren’t PETR SYKORAAAAAAA YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME AGAIN and ZACH PARISE YOU DONE BROKE TRAVIS ZAJAC’S HEART??

Who really knows, but either way, I’m back for now.


MSG (the home of NJ Devils telecasts and nothing else) has been doing a thing for hockey addicts the last couple of years of “Summer Ice” where every Sunday night (and sometimes the weekdays!) they play some games from the past season. Of course, because we are not “New York’s” team, the Devils are the last ones to get their games on but, hey. That’s part of being a Devils fan, understanding that while your team is better than the other two, that we will always be behind the Rangers and Islanders no matter what.

In restocking what happened this past season (and to possibly be rehashed if hockey season does not start on time), I’ll have to say as a permanently calm and cool Devils fan, everything came out Milhouse this season! (meaning in this context that obviously while I scream at them in real time and on twitter, I know that we’ll be okay and I don’t believe the team is the most terriblest team I have ever seen).

Of course, that was the season. Am I embarrassed and angry about certain (now former) Devils? Yes. I’m not even talking about Parise because I am zen about him — but instead I’m talking about how for years Uncle Lou has kept this team out of the news and keep them in line and have it not be a circus like the Yankees in the 70s or godforbid, the Rangers. And then some TMZ-lite place stalks the Devils after they just lose the Stanley Cup and bullshit happens? Ugh, I think that and the fact that Richards/Carter has a Stanley Cup, was the most disgusting parts of this offseason for me as a Devils fan. And then “me as a human being with a conscious” the other thing was Cam Janssen (who is… was my favorite bruiser players) “said” (he at least agreed) some anti-homosexual stuff, which was also disgusting.

And I mean in regards to the Kings winning the Cup over the Devils, besides me being a bitch to LA Kings fans about how stupid they and the media were getting over a lost/”stolen” by a sneaky Czech puck that was pretty meaningless — I am actually fine with the Kings getting the Cup. And I have even been keeping up with the ‘This player with the Cup!’ going-ons — but it was seeing Jeff Carter’s stupid mutant orange face (surrounded by Flyers stuff in his father’s home, lol) that was the thing that finally pushed me over the edge of “WHAT THE HELL” that most fans of the team who lost the Cup should go through to be healthy.

As we know, I have quite a few Flyers (and now former Flyers, YOU BE SAFE IN TORONTO, JVR) people that I love though as a Devils fan, you know I shouldn’t. But, Richards & Carter are just the kind of Flyers that to me embodies all that was/is ~wrong~ with hockey in South Philly. So, the fact that they won a Cup after leaving the Flyers, I think, seems to have upset me more then most of the Flyers fans I know.

And speaking of, ish.


Here on the internet, due to my ability to block or ignore idiots, most people have an understanding that while I am upset on a personal level that Parise choose “home” over his home, I am more then okay with Parise being a Wild forever (I’m more upset at Suter and what he did to the Preds) – but let’s be serious, I’m not going to be looking for a ticket to the first Wild/Devils game in New Jersey.

That being said, out there in the so-called “real world” it’s pretty amazing to see how assholic people are over Parise leaving. Don’t they realize? Everyone leaves us in the end, so just be glad you got to have a good hockey player in the first place for a little bit (this is also why I don’t agree or follow with the hooting and hollering “fans” do when a Gionta or a Holik returned to New Jersey).

Speaking of Sykora, In Lou We Trust is finally on board with the Petr Sykora Experiment and having him come back.


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I'm a Jersey girl born and raised which is why I am such a bitch sometimes. I have a hate of the NY Rangers, a tolerance of the Islanders and a torrid love affair with the New Jersey Devils. This is my hockey blog, woo woo woo you know it bro.
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