Game 6: Bounce.

First, before we touch on the title of this post, let’s talk about silly NHL rules.


Marty Broduer, besides always ending up making the most hilarious faces in the world, if he was a non-goalie player – let’s say his best friend / creepy stalker Cam Janssen – he would’ve probably have been thrown out of the game for his jersey coming off during the game. Instead, he and the ref were able to laugh it off and this .gif made it to the internet before I even went to bed the night of Game 5.

So remember:


This gets you thrown out. (Ignoring of course that he looks like a Super Mario villain with his helmet not even fitting his head).

And this is just hilarious:


Secondly, let’s talk about boobs, man.

I come from a long line of females who are comfortable with our body and comfortable with looking at other ladies bodies. It happens, eh? So, the fact that we now have a Devils “BOOB-GATE” on our hands and it has nothing to do with Jeff Vanderbeek v Cory Booker (@CoryBooker) or some joke about Colin White that someone who is NOT me would make (Someone Still Loves You, Colin White).

If you don’t know by now an “adult video actress” / cancer survivor / UGH Kings fan?! Taylor Stevens was behind the Devils bench in LA during Game 4 and, well, let’s just let the wonders of the internet explain what was able to happen on US Network TV:


I’ve gone back and forth on Peter DeBoer (DeBore when I yell on the twitter) all season because being forced to watch him and his terrible decisions from afar for the 4 years that Tomas Vokoun was a Florida Panther told me that he wouldn’t really be a person I would like to have to watch as a Devils coach, but if you exclude sitting Adam Larsson for the entire post-season (except, what? a game or two in the Florida series?) and then the benching of Sykora possibly only because he’s Czech Because Sykora was going through a dry spell in his admitting “prone to random dry spells” career (see! I can keep SOME of my biases in czech. Check. Dammit). So, yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s really thanks to the unholy Devils trio of Uncle Lou, Adam Oates, and Larry Robinson in the background/behind the scenes but my UGH DEBORE I ANGER levels have been pretty slim.

All of that just to say, this cracked me up when I was half sure I saw it during the game and then after the game it’s all everyone could talk about.

I have yet to see any of the terrible and juvenile bs that many of my friends and people I admire say happened over this (sometimes it’s cool to be in my own little bunker, yo) but as someone who loves to love boobs (is that a thing? It should be now) and loves women who love hockey, well, I say fuck yeah Ms Stevens (yes, I hope someone noticed what the Devils fan just did).


This is, of course, good news for teenage boys everywhere. But it’s also good news for the Devils, according to coach Peter DeBoer.

“We won last time she was there. So I’ll buy her a ticket,” DeBoer quipped Sunday. — Puck Daddy

Finally, today’s title is not just a subtle hint that I am pro-boobs but also an attempt to use one J. Bon Jovi’s words to lead my team on: “call it karma, call it luck, me I just don’t give a ….. Bounce! Bounce! Nothing’s gonna keep me down!”


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I'm a Jersey girl born and raised which is why I am such a bitch sometimes. I have a hate of the NY Rangers, a tolerance of the Islanders and a torrid love affair with the New Jersey Devils. This is my hockey blog, woo woo woo you know it bro.
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