So, some stuff happened.

I have said this before, but it bares repeating – I’m a very superstitious person. In fact, you can call me Stevie Wonder. But, this bares repeating. As a New Jersey Devils fan, who lives in New Jersey, works (when gainfully employed at least) in New Jersey, who loves New Jersey – I really fucking hate NEW YORK CITY IS THE BEST PLACE IN THE FUCKING WORLD stuff. And let’s not even touch “NEWARK IS SCARY AT NIGHT, BUT I COME FROM (BROOKLYN, SOUTH BRONX, QUEENS, ETC) AND THAT’S PERFECTLY FINE AND SAFE AND WONDERFUL” arguments that happen as well.

Well, now that you know that little (big? obvious?) side of me, the fact that most of our news as New Jersey Devils fans come filtered through MSG and the MSG channels is a life I would never wish on anyone. The only other people who might be able to understand are Islanders fans (even if Howie “can’t say Patrik Elias’ name the correct way after 17 years” Rose and I are not exactly besties).

Well, as the Devils won Game 5 against the Rangers, I flip off the NBCSN for MSG so that I can see Chico & Deb (damn you Steve for already doing soccer things) the Devils people doing stuff in this wonderful/terrible mix of Rangers/Devils coverage and as they go to commercial during the hour and a half show we get this gem from the Rangers Al Trautwig (see for his Rangers homerisms):

“Devils fans, cherish what you have of [Brodeur] and Zach Parise while you can.”



Anyway, in other news. They were talking about Devils d-men in an article over at and Marty had this to say:

The Devils defensemen will always be judged against the Big Three — Daneyko, Scott Stevens and Scott Niedermayer. Their numbers are in the rafters, facing the three Stanley Cup banners they helped win, as a constant reminder of what made this franchise great during its dynasty years.

“One is in the Hall of Fame,” said goalie Martin Brodeur, referring to Stevens. “One will be in the Hall of Fame soon (Niedermayer). And Dano is in his own Hall of Fame.”


Yes. Yes Daneyko is <3.

And in Worlds News:


We’ll ignore that picture of Tomas Vokoun is from 2010. I haven’t updated my Worlds pictures in awhile, obviously and because this was the last time they won gold…

Erat Makes Instant Impact At Worlds
Friday, 05.11.2012 / 4:47 PM / Features
By Jay Levin – Nashville Predators

Martin Erat scored a goal and an assist in his 2012 World Championships debut, leading Czech Republic to a 6-0 win over Italy on Friday. Erat was added to the Czech roster on Wednesday and flew right out to Stockholm, Sweden for the remainder of this year’s World Championship tournament.

With today’s win, the Czechs improved to 4-1-0 (11pts) during this year’s tournament, solidly in the top four of the Stockholm Group with two games remaining. The top four teams in both groups move to the Quarterfinals. Czech Republic closes Group Play with match-ups against Russia (Sunday) and Germany (Thursday).

– Belarus (Andrei and Sergei Kostitsyn) and Switzerland (Roman Josi) both had the day off today.

The finals ended up being Russia with Gold, Czech Republic with Bronze and Slovaks with the Silver. Yes, I know how I worded that.

The best thing you’ll need to see about the Russians winning gold (besides EVERYTHING) from Russian Machine Never Breaks: Alex Semin injures himself with his own gold medal. Of course he does. Because #SashaCares about vampires.

For the Team Czechs, go to tumblr to see .gifs of the Czech goalies playing with their goalie sticks like light sabers during a practice (?)

And finally, the most depressing part with Team Slovakia – Tomas Kopecky visits Pavol Demitra’s Grave with his Silver medal.



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I'm a Jersey girl born and raised which is why I am such a bitch sometimes. I have a hate of the NY Rangers, a tolerance of the Islanders and a torrid love affair with the New Jersey Devils. This is my hockey blog, woo woo woo you know it bro.
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