Mother Russia Will Always Crush You.

As most of you know, I am very pro-Russia everything (politics, history, and of course, hockey history). This isn’t that thing I’ve been threatening where I say half stupid that I should write a book about the hockey history of Russia (for one thing, I would need a zillion books about the years I don’t know) but yeah. I love Russians, lazy, enigmatic, beautiful, toothless, wonderful amazing Russian hockey players.


Sergei Fedorov was my original crush (fangirl crush because omg that hair~) but Sergei Brylin was the hockey crush that started it all (“it’s always a Sergei” is like “it’s always a Stosh!” that we Polish-Americans say. Or should say more often). I mean, he was always there, he was dependable, he was magical (Datsyuk levels for a teenage girl) and of course he was a D. Kinda. Mostly, when it counted.


2008 was a terrible year just because, okay, towards the end of his tenure as a Devil, he was getting old and not as good as he once was – but he was not exactly at the levels of 2010-2011 when all we had on D was “half a Colin White & some magic beans Lou is gonna sell” (aka: our Draft Pick of Adam Larsson). The worse part of all of that was that he was just …. ignored. Like, completely ignored and just went to the KHL because what else is there to do? If there is any justice in this world where Lou has brought back Bobby Holik, Brendan Shanahan and will one day (hopefully when he gets a little bit better) bring back Scott Gomez in the last season of his career — Hopefully one day Uncle Lou will invite back Cousin Sergei and everything will be rainbows and sunshine and a little bit of Счастье (happiness).

Anyway, I bring all this up because a) I’m tired, so I’m talkative b) I’m still trying to show From Russia With Glove that I should totally be apart of his blog~ c) IT’S MAY DAY~!!! d) recently there has been some brahahahas about how the media is kind of crappy when it comes to “labeling” the Russian players. Which is things I’ve been saying for years ever since I was a tiny Eastern European child and couldn’t understand why anyone could hate the old Soviet teams.


Recently it was Radulov (who deserved the criticisms, just not how they went about it) but before that it was Semin (he scored a goal and Pierre was still questioning his tiny little Sasha Cares heart) and before that, a zillion years ago, it was Sergei Fedorov and his “fast cars, fast women, crazy lifestyle” (where did we ever hear THAT before, Ovie?)


If you want to see more about Radulov, go read Karen’s post at Not Another Hockey Blog entitled “Lazy KHL Bums’: Xenophobia in Hockey.”

That being said, if you make a “I WILL SCORE” Geno Malkin joke at me, I will probably end up laughing so hard I won’t be able to breath. Because certain things are funny as hell, and then there is questioning players heart and determination and skill just because they aren’t from North America: Land of Hockey Greatness which is not funny. It’s just really sad.

bb Lidstrom & Konstantinov


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I'm a Jersey girl born and raised which is why I am such a bitch sometimes. I have a hate of the NY Rangers, a tolerance of the Islanders and a torrid love affair with the New Jersey Devils. This is my hockey blog, woo woo woo you know it bro.
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3 Responses to Mother Russia Will Always Crush You.

  1. Karen M says:

    OMG I’ve never seen that Ovi/Geno USA baseball pic. How adorable…and random!

    If you ever do get around to writing that book, I’ll gladly pitch in on researching 🙂 That NBCSN special on the Summit Series that aired in January, for example, was absolutely fascinating.

    • That was the day I learned that my mother (who constantly surprises me with what she remembers as a non-hockey person remembers about hockey in the “old days” (apparently she liked one of the Esposito brothers. And locally, she was alllll over Ron “Bon Jovi” Duguay and his “Hollywood/Broadway Blue” lifestyle)

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