And love lies bleeding in my hand…. Oh, it kills me to think of you with another man…


So, I’m one of those people that don’t like to talk about their team come playoffs (I mean, ignoring of course on twitter and AIM because if we are to be serious that’s mostly just me smashing my keyboard and being sexually creepy over David Clarkson’s SURPRISE~ playoff Ginger Beard).

But, the Devils won over the Panthers (who as a supporter of Southern Hockey/Hockey in the South I should cheer for, but I hate so much about the team that I can’t even try. I guess they’ll be like my (completely rational)/irrational hatred of the ‘Canes) and I feel amazing (also, I haven’t slept in almost 24 hours, so who knows what I’m actually feeling). And that means they’ll be playing the Flyers who I blog about enough that THE MAGICAL POWER OF MY JINXING POWER will hopefully outdo itself and everyone will lose.

Highlights from Game 6 included well. Travis Zajac, who was injured for most of this season and then injured in the game, come back and score the OT winner for the Devils.

(picture taken by Jesse Spector (Sporting News))

Game 7 saw us go into DOUBLE OVERTIME because why the hell not? All the other series (except for Nashville/Detroit) went into OT why couldn’t we be the first to go into DOUBLE OT~!??

Well, do you remember in 2003 how John Madden looked like a monster (I think that that was also the year Colin White was bruised up like crazy as well)????

Picture proof because of course I have it saved in my folder of a million hockey pictures;


Well, that had nothing on last night’s game….


And that’s pretty glossy and neat compared to how it looked originally. Being a Devils fan, I am prone to mass cynical hysteria about my team — so I was more then prepared to cry last night (and one of the reasons why I did not join the Devils Army in Newark for a viewing party) — I just didn’t realize it would happen because an Ex-Devil would bleed all over the ice surface. Good job, world.

Puck Daddy has the video if you are so inclined.


Marty to Theodore: “I like you the most, I shall kill you last.”


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I'm a Jersey girl born and raised which is why I am such a bitch sometimes. I have a hate of the NY Rangers, a tolerance of the Islanders and a torrid love affair with the New Jersey Devils. This is my hockey blog, woo woo woo you know it bro.
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