Game 2: Capitals v. Bruins


As related to my friend over AIM:

but! in “funny goalie news!” also from today. Tim Thomas (who I hate because he’s a dick, not just because of his politics) got angry at one of the Capitals players who just came back from a concussion. PUNCHED him straight in the face with his fist all angry and douchey and the like. Well. Guess who won the game against Thomas in OT? That, same, Capitals player (Backstrom <3)


[thanks to SBNation for that link]


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I'm a Jersey girl born and raised which is why I am such a bitch sometimes. I have a hate of the NY Rangers, a tolerance of the Islanders and a torrid love affair with the New Jersey Devils. This is my hockey blog, woo woo woo you know it bro.
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