7 days late (aka: shoulda been the last post for March)

So, the past month of March has been awesome for me going to live hockey games (this typically happens where either the Devils play teams I want to see — or my aunt “suddenly” becomes a hockey fan again and wants to go to see the Penguins play) – I went to Philly (!!!) and saw the Devils/Flyers game where the Devil were crap and Danny Briere got his first goal in 2 months (longest drought in his 14 year seasons – but as my friend & I were driving out of South Philly, the radio assclowns were talking about how he’s the worse Flyer player ever (?!!), hahahahha, the night after his goal). Also we saw the terrible Penguins game where I was waiting for Malkin to have a hat trick on us (the final score was just as bad). But, there were some bright spots other times when I wasn’t polluting the Devils with my wonderful Jersey smell…

TORONTO — The hulking body looked familiar, in a way, with his oversized shoulders and a few unpretentious wraps of tape around his stick.

At first glance in the bright Air Canada Centre, it appeared as if the Flyers added a giant to their lineup for the morning skate.

The only thing that stood out for Eric Lindros on Thursday was his black helmet, the one contrast between himself and the rest of the Flyers’ white domes. Everything else looked the same as it ever did, in an orange jersey with the Flyers crest.

Lindros, 39, was a surprise on-ice guest at the Flyers’ morning skate with the team, in preparation for Thursday night’s contest against the dreadful Maple Leafs.

Lindros received an invitation from Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren to join the team in his hometown. Once estranged from the organization not so long ago, those fences were mended and polished during the Winter Classic celebrations in January.

He dressed in the Flyers’ main locker room with everyone else. Big E’s presence was a welcomed and exciting. And his size, even to the Flyers’ current players, is still astonishing.

“I’m a midget compared to him,” Scott Hartnell said. “He’s just so thick.”

“We could use his size,” said Danny Briere, who really is a midget compared to Lindros, with a smile. “He’d be a nice addition, that’s for sure.”

“who really is a midget” Ahhhhh, forever wonderful reporting from the Flyers blogs, you guys.


From the Devils blog of awesomeness that I could never strive to be; In Lou We Trust:

The first group of players is those who make over $2 Million a season. That drops the number of skaters to five; I didn’t count Travis Zajac since he hasn’t played near a full season. Ilya Kovalchuk and Zach Parise each make the most on the New Jersey Devils this season with $6MM. Patrik Elias make one million less while Dainius Zubrus and David Clarkson each make around $3MM this season. Given the number of games they have played, Clarkson is the best deal by only costing about $40K per game. Clarkson is also the best deal if you pay per goal. Every goal Clarkson scores costs the Devils only $107K. Parise costs the most per goal, costing $214K per goal. Much of this discrepancy is that Clarkson is having his best season ever and he signed his contract when he wasn’t playing at a stellar level, thus the Devils are getting a steal.

When we look at how much each assist costs, Clarkson is easily the most expensive. This doesn’t surprise me for a second; Clarkson shoots a ton even when a pass might be the better idea. Since Clarkson shoots a bunch, he isn’t passing and getting assists, therefore lowering his cost per assist. Looking at total offense, the best bang for the buck is Elias at $71K per point. The most expensive is Parise… So why do all the Devils fans still want to sign him when he costs the team a ton? O, right, offense isn’t everything!

hahahha congrats Elias! These kinds of stats are usually boring to me, but obviously even something like that I can understand when it means teasing David Clarkson and being pleased over having Patrik Elias.

Devils’ Petr Sykora came through with important power play goal:

The day after he was dropped from the Devils’ second line to the fourth line, Petr Sykora scored a vital power play goal.

But Sykora, who scored at 15:42 of the first period for his 18th goal of the season, insisted it wasn’t more satisfying because of his demotion or the fact that it moved the Devils closer to a playoff spot.

“I love to score. It doesn’t matter if I score in the first game or right now,” he said. “It was good timing-wise because we had a lot of pressure at that time in the game.”

While Moose was voted the team’s Unsung Hero – a lot of people have been saying that Sykora is there Unsung Hero of the Year and I am obviously more then on board for that train. Also, there has been a quiet “Hey, you know who would be good for the Selke? Patrik Elias” thing going on too. I’m sure someone else will win [honestly since they started doing the awards show live on tv (or at least US TV) I can’t think of a single Devil who has won. Has there been a Devil or two (Parise) put in the running? Yeah, but, that’s like it. Prove me wrong with facts if you can!]

Fire & Ice:

There is growing support around the NHL for Patrik Elias in the voting for the Selke Trophy as the top defensive forward.

The Devils don’t have a checking line and Elias hasn’t been among the top names mentioned for the award in the past.

“I always could play against and I like playing against the top guys,” Elias said. “I think defensively I’ve been real solid and responsible. Especially when you play under Jacques (Lemaire), he teaches you a lot of defensive things. I always felt I could play the game all-around.”

Being in the running for the Selke would mean a lot.

“I was never talked about (in the past). It’s even better to be talked about now. Now that I’m done,” he said jokingly. “Even if I’m just considered, it’s a great honor. It means your game is complete, not just one-dimensional.”

And the other Czech on our team:

Brodeur gets 30th win, Sykora nets 20th goal, Devils reach 100 points, wait for playoff opponent:

Sykora, who made the team as a training camp tryout after playing in Russia and the Czech Republic last season, admitted getting to the 20-goal mark was something he set as an objective at the start of the season.

“It’s been a long way coming,” Sykora said. “I kind of had that number in the back of my mind, but I really felt in the beginning of the season that it’s really far because I hadn’t played in the league for a couple of years. It just feels good.”

Six of his 20 are game-winners. Only David Clarkson has more on the Devils with seven.

Oh, and the 3rd Czech on the team? What is he doing?

DETROIT — Devils defenseman Marek Zidlicky needed nine stitches in his upper lip– seven outside and two inside– after suffering a gash when hit in the face by a Dainius Zubrus pass during practice on Wednesday.

Zidlicky will be in the lineup tonight against the Red Wings at Joe Louis Arena.

“On a drill in practice I layed down on the ice and Zubie tried to pass to Sykie (Petr Sykora) and it hit my face,” Zidlicky said with a laugh.

He said no teeth were damaged.

“If it’s not broken that’s good. If it’s only stitches, that’s fine,” he said.

The Devils had an optional morning skate and Zidlicky was one of those who did not take part.



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