Oops! January & February Updates

The All-Star game was kind of boring outside of Scott Hartnell being himself and Carey Price being …. well, himself.


Sorry that the fangirls found out about your flask though, Price, because everyone knows Native Americans with drinking problems aren’t as cute as naturally flail-y goalies.



The Devils came out of the All-Star Break swinging for the most part. There was a 5-game winning streak (the first of the season and if we want to be techinical, the first in 2 seasons) after all of the luck from our OT winnings finally biting us in the ass and losing in OT against the St. Louis Blues. There was also a beautiful afternoon game in the capital of South Jersey, Philadelphia, against the Flyers where Kovie fought and everything was gravvvy.

DeBoer didn’t even want to ponder the possiblity of having to play without Elias with Henrique and Zajac already sidelined.

Elias insisted he was fine and just resting today.

“I took the optional,” Elias said. “There’s a lot of games coming up. The five days for the all-star break weren’t enough for me.”

Fire & Ice from Feb. 1st

Of course it helped that he was probably still a little hungover from hanging out with Sykora and Zubrus someplace on the beach in Florida for the All-Star Break. Not like I was jealous or anything. Crazy talk.

Almost as crazy as Kovalchuk taking down the rookie Brayden Schenn like that, holy mother of awesome crap.

Jeremy Roenick (who many of you know is my all time original secret favorite former Philly Flyer) is looking into buying and owning and “saving” the Phoenix Coyotes. Now, I have seen JR in action as a businessman due to actually driving to South Jersey to stalk him and he is oddly really good at it. I assume because even with the 10+ concussions he has, all you really need in the “business” world is the ability to talk and we all know that JR has that and then some. However, this comment made me laugh forever:

The Chipper • 3 hours ago

What a perfect idea having a former NHL star as a minority owner and figure head. That should get this franchise that has never ever made money since it moved to Phoenix off the ground. I don’t know why I never thought about this angle before.


Wayne Gretzky

In the usual “Danny Briere is the way I want all of my hockey players to be” news, Briere had a concussion and took his time to come back from it while still keeping the media and creepy stalkers from Northern NJ abreast on his going-ons.

This is is not Briere’s first concussion, though, this is the first time he’s dealt with starting after effects.

“It’s something new,” Briere said. “I’ve had a few, but this is the first time I’ve had to deal with symptoms starting on the next day. I’ve been fortunate that I didn’t have to deal with the symptoms in the past. You have to wait and hope the next day will be good and you’re still symptom free.”

Even with these new symptoms, Briere said he has kept a positive attitude. He’s watched Sidney Crosby and teammate Chris Pronger have their seasons put in jeopardy because of head trauma, yet he said he is not scared about missing games for any extended length of time.

“I’m very confident that it’s going to take a little time,” Briere said. “I’m confident that I will get through that. To be honest, I haven’t thought that this would get worse. I try to stay positive, I try to focus on the next day and what I’m going to do. I’m trying to focus and take it to the next day to try and push it to the next level so I can get back in the lineup.”

Briere’s first game back was televised on Vs (NBC Sports Network) and they kept the camera on him on the bench while talking about him and (his current billet/housemate/pretend son) Sean Couturier leaned over and kissed his helmet

JVR is still trying to get regular from his first (official) concussion and Chris Pronger pronged and was in the locker room for the first time this week. He declined to talk to the media though but still. At least he’s alive and around.


This post is ending with a link to the Letters For Pronger from tumblr.


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