This is the Patrik Elias Show

Bobby Holik on Elias’ 1000 games:

I just finished watching Devils game against the Panthers, where Patrik Elias played his 1000th game. Like so many other nights in his career, Patrik was the best player on the ice, and played like a 16-year veteran that he is. Smart and solid. I remember him coming up from Albany and joining me and Randy “the Rocket” Mckay, and he played with us most of the year. When Patrik became an all-star, we decided it must have been our guidance and leadership which propelled Patty to stardom.

We were wrong.

It was Patrik’s work ethic, talent, and desire to be the best that brought him all the way to 1,000.

Hahahahh oh come on. Who doesn’t love Robert Holik? Answer: excluding Rangers fans and certain types of Devils fans; no one~!

3 points for Elias in 1,000th game by ESPN’s Katie Strang

“In typical Elias fashion he played a great game on a big night,” said coach Pete DeBoer, who was happy to see his team bounce back after a humiliating 6-1 loss to Boston Wednesday.

Elias received a standing ovation in the first period from the 15,793 in attendance at Prudential Center – a sincere thank you from fans who have seen him flourish throughout his 16-year career with the Devils.

Since playing his first game during the 1995-96 season, Elias went on to win two Stanley Cup Championships with the Devils and set the all-time franchise scoring record. With his three-point effort Friday, Elias has 349 goals and 504 assists for 853 points.

He became the 271st player in NHL history to reach the 1,000-game benchmark and only the third in franchise history to do it while solely playing for the Devils.

And like I threatened I was there for that game and then at the game against the Atlanta Jets of Winnipeg on the 17th (which was the glorious and awesome night show to the matinee of going to a funeral for a close relative):

Elias knows Sykora can't count to 1,000 in English

And then on Saturday, well, I’ll let Fire & Ice tell you about Saturday’s game against the Thrashers of Winnipeg…

WINNIPEG, Manitoba — Veteran forwards Petr Sykora and Patrik Elias suggested the Devils may not have scored a goal on a pass like the one rookie defenseman Adam Larsson made Saturday since the days of Brian Rafalski.

It was Larsson’s crisp, accurate pass to Elias in the left circle that was redirected in and gave the Devils a 2-1 victory over the Winnipeg Jets at the MTS Centre today.

“It’s actually my second thought there. My first thought is a shot,” Larsson said. “(Elias) has pretty good skills. You have to see which player you’re passing to to see if he can handle that.

“I’ve actually tried to do that in practice, too. I heard him scream actually. I have to get the pass through, too.”

Elias said he made eye contact with Larsson and the rookie was able to get him the puck in a perfect spot.

“Those are the plays where you look at him and say to yourself, ‘He’s a player,’ ” Elias said of Larsson.

Larsson’s pass probably wasn’t the most impressive part of the play, except that it was executed so well and was set up by a 19-year-old rookie. Seconds earlier Petr Sykora sent a pass out from the left corner that Elias allowed to go through his legs to Larsson at the right point.

“I didn’t even see who was passing,” Larsson said.

Everyone else did.

“What a play,” coach Pete DeBoer said. “I just watched it on the replay. Patrik lets that go through his feet on purpose. And then he turns. For Larsson to have the vision to go back to him there is why he’s a special player.”

Sykora admitted his pass, which was his 700th NHL point, was intended for Elias.

“You want the honest truth? It was for Patty,” Sykora said. “He just let it go and Larss made a great pass back to Patty. Brian Rafalski used to do that all the time.”

As Larsson said, they’ve worked the play before in practice.

“Sykie made a good pass to me,” Elias said. “I could’ve probably tried to get a shot off, but I felt kind of a presence from the winger coming behind me so I let it go through my feet. I made eye contact with Larss and he made a great heads-up play.”

So, while I’m still not totally on-board for how AMAZING and AWE-INSPIRING Larsson is (note: if you check twitter for “hate” and “adam larsson” or “fuck!” – more likely you’d find me) this was a pretty amazing play for Sykora’s 700th NHL point. And then, of course, there was also this which was caught in .gif form thanks to HF Boards (and I was trying to explain to people what happened but I was laughing too hard to get it right):



Amazing. A+++++++ And then because while I might hate the fact that Atlanta no longer has a team, I think the NHL hates the Winnipeg Jets more then I could ever, because they played again last night (Tuesday), after the Jets played the night before. I don’t think I have to say it, but the Devils won. 5-1. From Rich Chere (because Fire & Ice has the flu like I do, but that is still no excuse for showing up on tv during the Canadian western trip looking like a (warm) hobo):

“It was just a ceremony. I think I was a lot more excited for the actual 1,000th game,” Elias said, “but it was nice. Again I had all my friends that were here for the 1,000th game. They made it again and it worked out again. A good win for the team. I was happy with my effort.”

Elias praised linemate Petr Sykora, who had a goal and an assist in the game.

“You see his plays out there. He’s so poised with the puck. He waits,” Elias said. “For me he makes me play better again. The chemistry is there. He has a great shot. He doesn’t need too many opportunities to score. So he still has the game, obviously.

“He has to play with the right players and the right minutes and he can be very successful and very helpful to the team.”

Of course. And then Sykora was the 3rd Star of the game and Elias was the 2nd (Kovie was #1 but that’s only okay because it was against his former team) and:

Tom Gulitti @TGfireandice

Now, that was funny. Patrik Elias came out and hugged Petr Sykora after he was named 3rd star tonight. Makeup for Saturday’s celebration.
9:30 PM – 17 Jan 12 via TweetDeck · Embed this Tweet


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