goalies are just another word for d-men anywayyyyy


Because myself and some guy named Vinny were talking about goalies on twitter tonight, I created a list off the top of my head (had I thought more, I would’ve added the Caps man-boy-cat-Czech and the Nashville Predators two giant Nordic goalies and of course, You Can Call Me Al, etc) :


My Top 5 Most Hated Goalies:


1. Ryan Miller – I hate his goalie style, I hate how he’s supposed to be Our American Savior (JR & Tony Amonte did more for American hockey then some douche hippy in goal did), I hate how much of a douche he is in an attempt for people to pay attention to his mostly invisible team,


2. Tim Thomas – (he used to be higher but the stupid playoffs made me feel emotions for him (the “I want to give you a hug” kind) plus we haven’t played the Bruins enough this season for me to really give a fuck about the Bruins outside of my unhealthy crush on Tukka Rask)


3. Cam Ward – (he should probably be under irrational hate but he’s my Sidney Crosby (or Martin Brodeur) – I JUST WANT PEOPLE TO STOP TALKING ABOUT HIM AS GOLDEN. I’m sure he’s murdered a hooker or two or kicked a puppy)


4. Roberto Loungo – ugh.


5. Patrick Roy – ughhhhhh.

Irrational Hate: Rick DiPietro (my gf brought his shirt when we were in LI because our 8+ years of love is based mostly on hate), Carey Price (I’ve calmed down a little and mostly just feel sorry for him being stuck in that town with the world on his shoulders), Scott Clemmenson (IN THE BATTLE OF THE BETTER BACKUP TO MARTIN BRODEUR – HE WILL ALWAYS LOSE)

My Top 5 Most Favorite Goalies


1. Marty Brodeur – of course. But, seriously, even when he acts like a douche (or “French-Canadian”) I love it because he’s so amazing. That being said, I realized last season that I am completely and utterly spoiled at how much I’ve watched him play when I complained going through my pre-skate pictures “Jesus Marty, stop getting in all my shots!” when some people would sell their arm to see him play. Also, I have ~met~ him (as people from NJ are oft to do because he’s everywhere) and his accent was wonderful and he didn’t mind I was obviously stalking him.


2. Tomas Vokoun – (omg. I don’t know. I love his style, I love his heart, I love his Czech-y bitchiness when he’s pissed at his coach(es).)


3. Jaroslav Halat – (I fell in love during the playoffs with him and I even ignore the whole ‘but-he’s-a-Slovak?!’ thing. I love how he can do butterfly style or “I’m standing yo” style depending on whatever. I think it’s crap that he’s been crap in St. Louis or Columbus, whichever blue-ish Southern Division team he’s on now)


4. Yann Danis – (oh. ohhhhh. yeah. I have a crush on his eyelashes. And my fangirlism aside, he was actually one of the first backups Brodeur had who Marty actually treated like a person (usually he’d just ignore him)

[I have 7 or 8 pictures of Yann Danis spitting (something I HATE) and yet none of Kevin Weekes at my ready? Obviously, I will fix this on Friday]

5. Kevin Weekes – (yeah. in that backup battle, I became a fan out of spite to all the racist Devils fans talking shit. Also when he was a Ranger, I really liked how he seemed to be like, oh well, this rookie goalie is better then me, I’d rather the team won then, you know, be shit but stay in goal — which I respected a lot)

Irrational Love: Chico Resch (I never saw him play, unlike all the other goalies, so I’m putting him here because I love his stories as a commentator), Jose Theodore & Curtis Joseph (my original childhood goalie crushes)



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I'm a Jersey girl born and raised which is why I am such a bitch sometimes. I have a hate of the NY Rangers, a tolerance of the Islanders and a torrid love affair with the New Jersey Devils. This is my hockey blog, woo woo woo you know it bro.
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