So, who lost the entire month of November???? This guy.

…..well, girl. Yeah, losing a spacebar is a pain in the butt, but of course so is having no job (you’d think that would mean I was less busy but you’d be surprised, MOM. I mean, what????)

Anyway, the Devils were a thrilling roller coaster of insanity in the month of November. Our yearly Thanksgiving Weekend tradition of being beaten by the Islanders at least once happened, the Czechs (+ a Lithuanian) scored some goals and Adam Larsson turned 19 so we didn’t have to hear (as often) how ~ AWESOME and AMAZING ~ he is for only being 18. PS: if you ever tell me, to my face, that he is like Scott Neidermeyer (and you are not Ken Daneyko) – I will punch you straight in the face, Jersey Girl style. Or flip over a table, whichever one is closest.

This is literally how I dance.

So! It’s a new month! And I missed the first two games of December because I took a trip down to DC to visit a friend who has been trying in her attempt to be more world-ly in sports before leaving the country for 2 years (perfect time to develop a thing for a sports-team, when you can no longer watch them every other day). During the summer, I took her to her first baseball game (Yankees/Red Sox during a 2 & a half rain delay that meant the game ended at 2 AM after we made friends with South Jersey boys who were Red Sox fans) and on December 3rd in an attempt to meet up with the Puck Buddies random ‘Gay Night Out’ (random because I didn’t realize playing Ottawa = Gay Pride. If so, as a Devils fan, I’ve had quite a few unintentional Gay Night Outs…. /rimshot), we took in a hockey game.

Which, you know, ignoring we were 30 minutes late (Seriously, living 10 minutes away from both of my arenas, I have never, ever, ever been that late to a game, even when it was family driving) and ignoring my camera didn’t work, and ignoring TOMAS VOKOUN was not in goal and Sasha Semin wasn’t playing — it was actually a pretty fucking amazing game. The fans were loud and crazy in how INTO the game they were (Devils fans have been known to drive Marty Broduer crazy with letting the opposite team’s fans be louder sometimes depending on the matchup) and everything was cool between me and the Caps fans until they ALL left except for me and an old man who seemed liked we’d be BFFE in a different life (the life I’d want to live in DC) when after the 3 Stars of the Game – a player came out to talk. I mean, I realize I come from a public transportation world, so many they all had to beat traffic but seriously fuck that noise – it’s disrespectful.

i love you violent

Amen, Ovie.

Of course the other news out of DC is the fact that apparently Kovie isn’t the only Russian who can have “I fired a Coach!” under his belt. But, excluding the fact that I enjoy every and all jokes about Kovalchuk, I’m on the (apparently tiny) camp that doesn’t blame the Russians and just blames … bad air? ice cream? the fact that Boudreau was actually always Barry Trotz in disguise and the commute between Nashville & DC was killing him, as to why he was fired in November.


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I'm a Jersey girl born and raised which is why I am such a bitch sometimes. I have a hate of the NY Rangers, a tolerance of the Islanders and a torrid love affair with the New Jersey Devils. This is my hockey blog, woo woo woo you know it bro.
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