Around The League: D-Men need love too….

Tonight’s game is at 10:30 PM EST (God’s Time: New Jersey Time) because the west coast is a terrible place. So instead, here are some news & notes about former Devils and the misc. d-men that I enjoy (and Danny Briere who might be a center, but plays like an angry little defensive player).

Notes from the Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh) — during last Friday’s Devils/Penguins game, some notes; Stev(i)e Sullivan played in his 900th career game against the team that had originally drafted him in the Devils. Jordan Staal had 98 career goals going into the game and then 100 career goals coming out of the game.

Speaking of teams from PA; also known as “North Kentucky” in my neck of the woods;

Claude Giroux is no longer living with Danny Briere, instead the rookie Sean Couturier is. Because as the title of the article says; “Danny Briere continues to invite young men into his home…..” And the article also points out that if the rookie REALLY wants to learn how to be a NHL player, he should probably go hang out with Max(ime) Talbot instead. Talbot will teach you how to live like a rock star, Briere will teach you how to live like an adult (3 kids, 2 dogs and a house! Or is it one dog because one is Claude’s?! Oh, the sadness).

And if you don’t know who Max Talbot is (outside of the rink), well, here from 2009 is Max “translating” for Marc-Andre Fleury’s French interview….

And of course the only time you’ll see Sidney Crosby’s name on this blog (unless it’s about his concussions); Crosby vs. Talbot vs. ….. the DRYER commercial – also known as the first time the Sidney Crosby handlers, let you see a little bit of his actual personality that doesn’t scream “I am robot here to takeover the NHL.” .

From PA back to “former Devils do awesome things” news, Niclas Bergfors got his first goal as a Predator (he was a Thrasher before that and was apart of the deal for Kovie that still makes me wake up in a cold sweat some nights) against the Flames on October 22nd. Sergei Kostitsyn (who isn’t a former Devil but is one of “my” boys) also scored. And captain Shea Weber had this gem after the game: “It’s two points. We found a way. It wasn’t pretty, we didn’t generate a whole lot, but you know what? We won.”

Speaking of Weber (I sometimes do without prompting): a week ago, he took a stupid penalty, with this boarding call against Jannik Hansen of the Canucks. And of course, the call went out for the Shanniban hammer to come down on him, however, because it was a first time offense, Shea was able to “escape” with a fine and a warning. Which just means that the next time there will be no warning because it’s not a 3-strikes you are out rule anymore but a One Warning; Then ShanniBANNED.

So remember, the man who once did this;

now has the power to fine & suspend players. How is that not awesome?!

So, to finish this d-men & the woman who loves them edition; let’s talk about Chris Pronger and his eye.

PHILADELPHIA — The Philadelphia Flyers will be without All-Star defenseman and team captain Chris Pronger for at least 2-3 weeks following an injury to his right eye suffered in Monday’s 4-2 win against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

At 8:02 of the first period, Pronger was defending against Leafs forward Mikhail Grabovski. As Grabovski followed through with his shot, his stick hit Pronger in the right eye. Pronger immediately left the ice and went up the tunnel leading to the locker room.

Flyers General Manager Paul Holmgren said Pronger was examined at the Wells Fargo Center by team opthamologist Dr. Stephen Goldman, and after initially suffering from blurred vision in the eye, Holmgren said Pronger’s vision did return to normal before he was sent home.

Holmgren said Pronger will be on bed rest for the next four days, with planned trips to the eye doctor each day.

“He’s going to see the eye doctor every day for the next four days,” said Holmgren. “We think after that he’ll be … I don’t want to say out of danger, but if everything goes OK and the swelling goes down, he should start on an exercise program sometime after that and we’re hoping he could rejoin the team in 10 days to two weeks — skating-wise, not necessarily playing.”

Holmgren said the bed rest order is to make sure there’s no build-up of blood behind the eye, which could create more issues.

Holmgren did add that when Pronger returned, the 18-year veteran will be wearing a visor.

“I don’t think our doctors would clear him to play if he didn’t wear a visor,” said Holmgren. “I think Chris was really scared. I would like to believe he’ll want to wear one.”

Holmgren wasn’t the only one who was scared by seeing Pronger race off the ice and up the tunnel to the locker room.

“It was very scary for Chris,” said Holmgren. “For all of us, really, to watch him come off the ice like that.

“It was a freak accident and a very scary accident.”

“It’s scary,” added teammate Scott Hartnell., “You get a high stick, especially around the eye, it’s a dangerous thing. You never know what is going to happen … a million thoughts go through your head. That’s why I wear a visor. I got high-sticked my second year and it’s a scary thing. Hopefully he is all right. I haven’t seen him since. We are thinking about him.”

“You try to block it out as much as possible,” said Danny Briere. “Obviously, it is on the back of all of our minds and we wish him the best and that he will be OK.”

First. The visor aspect — Ian Laperriere wasn’t completely sure that having a visor on would have protected Pronger this time and whose to say if it would’ve/wouldn’t because I am still refusing to not watch any video of this happening because eye injuries are the one thing in the world that can scare the ever living shit out of me faster then anything. Give me an ECW style barbed wire & glass fixtures wrestling match and I’ll watch and cheer — but the second any of that stuff gets near to an eye, I will freak out.

Secondly, Chris Pronger embodies the Kanye West lyric: I’m a motherfucking monster. The fact that something like this can cause him to actually scream is enough to give you pause for a hot second.


Thirdly, where I quote Danny Briere some more;

All Danny Briere could hear were the agonizing screams. Chris Pronger buried his face in his hands after taking a brutal blow to the outside of the right eye, fearful of the worst for his eyesight.

Hunched over, Pronger skated straight to the bench, his hands over his eyes.

“I knew he was in trouble and needed help,” said Briere, who skated with Pronger to the bench.

[also note Briere’s response of “everyone (re: Scottie Hartnell got his first goal of the season; probably last) but Claude” has a goal so far and laugh like I did. I always enjoy subtle jabs, it’s why I like Pronger so much in the first place.]

“I don’t want to get into a ‘he said, she said’ with the refs….I’m the he.” — Chris Pronger


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