lose, win, or draw: it’s all about the Czechs.

There were two games since my last post with two different outcomes but with the same variants (oh look at that fancy language for a history major):

Sat 10/22 Pittsburgh Penguins at Pittsburgh (5-2-2) L 1 – 4
Tue 10/25 Los Angeles Kings at Los Angeles (5-1-1) W 3 – 0

On Saturday’s night the greatest quasi-wrestling heel stint ever was pulled where Patrik Elias got a penalty against the Pens Stev(i)e Sullivan but Petr Sykora ended up in the penalty box (Chico and I assumed from off the ice that somehow they must’ve just gotten the two Czechs confused) and then during his 4 minutes in the box — Patrik Elias scored a goal.

However, it was after the game when Sykora said; “It was unrespectful to the referee (believed to be Kevin Pollock) for me, but I was trying to help my team,” Sykora explained. “I didn’t want Patty to go into the penalty box for four minutes. We need him on the PK. He’s on our first (penalty-kill) unit.

“I got the idea and it worked out and we got a goal there. But after that (the referee) came up to me and he wasn’t happy and I apologized to him. I was unrespectful. But on the other side I really want to do everything I can to help this team. I was kind of hoping (the referee) wasn’t going to figure it out, but he did.”

Amazing. Just. Amazing. According to the NY Post, the ref was really pissed at Sykora and “he reiterated to Sykora that trust was gone forever.”

I still maintain, of course, that it was because “all those Czechs lookalike to me” was the original reasoning for the refs mess up because that is just as hilarious.

And then somewhere between Saturday & Tuesday, Sykora picked up some ‘flu-like’ symptoms (I blame possibly partying with his old team in the Penguins after the game — I’m looking at you, Malkin and questionable bottles of vodka) and before the Kings game (at a ghastly 10:30 PM EST (god’s time) start) there was back & forths over whether or not he would even play (Mark Fraser would’ve been put in instead, which I would’ve enjoyed but not at the cost of Sykora)

Well? The game last night was amazing. From Zubrus’ terrible first goal (but it was worth it for the closeups of his giant puffy lip from being hit in the mouth) to listening to Sherry (ugh I know what I said) talking to Scott Neidermeyer during intermission on the radio (see? I haven’t gone crazy), it was a great game that if MSG was smart, they would replay all the time instead of that terrible 20 game (40 game???) March to the Finals basketball thing, ughhhhhhh.

Instead, I will let Patrik Elias (and Fire & Ice and Rich Chere) take it from here;

“Heart and soul. That’s all I have I to say,” linemate Patrik Elias said with a smile. “I actually had to take care of him. I think he just wanted the morning skate off.”

Elias was joking. Sykora still looked ill after the game in which the line scored six points (three goals, three assists) to back the shutout goaltending of Johan Hedberg.

“I felt OK,” Sykora insisted, his voice barely above a whisper. “When you get going, you have no choice.”

But he did spend most of the day in bed.

“Yeah,” he acknowledged.

Elias made reference to Sykora’s fitting nickname — Sykie.

“He looks like he’s sick all the time,” Elias said jokingly.


Elias made it 2-0 at 15:31. Anze Kopitar coughed up the puck in his own end and Elias weaved until he dropped it back for Greene. The defenseman fed Sykora in the left circle and his cross-slot pass found Elias alone in the right circle.

A one-timer from Elias beat Bernier for the center’s fourth goal.

“It was just a beautiful play. i got a little excited on the celebration,” Elias said.

AKA: He got down on one knee after scoring, the sort of ~showboating!~ he doesn’t typically do but obviously between nursing Sykora through his hangover/”flu symptoms” and just being generally excited during the game and during the post-game, he got a little wonky on the west coast.

And I hope he keeps it up.

[Yes, this was the first NY Times I bought myself — just for this picture in the sports section in 2006]




[I assume my life now is how all those Flyers fans are feeling this morning about the Legion of Doom possibly happening again with Lindros — because you never truly forget your first …….. amazing hockey line.]


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