still no devils games; here are some older posts:

Lots of websites talked about the Simmons and then Simmons-Avery incident; Deadspin was really up on it, as was the NY Post, and of course like with most things Puck Daddy was all over it as well.

And while it was awesome that Danny Briere was more upset that Avery had supposedly/originally/alleged to have threaten his former housemate, Claude Giroux (is it alleged when it was caught on the mic? It shouldn’t be, but since Simmon’s f-bombs are supposed to be alleged as well and they were obvious without the mic picking them up, I am using that language) — it was and still is a bruised eye for the sport that was once deemed the most tolerant out of all of the other sports (ugh, I can’t seem to find that poll but have one that does claim that most hockey players know that they have a gay teammate )

Anyway, my favorite blogs about the incidents and what they really meaaaan come from the Puck Buddy blog, a blog for boys who like boys who like hockey; with the article Dropping The F-Bomb & my homosexual internet “husband” from Long Island via Brooklyn twitter-friend Vinny’s (quite a mouthful. that’s what he said….) The Price of Bananas.

But, my final word (for now) about it will be stolen from Puck Daddy;

Forget the impact on fans or Sean Avery or the NHL’s image. When you get bananas thrown at black players or any player gets caught using a gay slur on camera, the essential question is whether that behavior is preventing someone from trying out for a team or skating locally; about whether that behavior is discouraging someone from embracing the game.

From Oct. 7, 2011;

James Neal and Stev[i]e Sullivan are getting great opportunities right away in Pittsburgh, playing with Evgeni Malkin. Sullivan saw 20:16 of ice time in Vancouver, a total he surpassed once last year in 44 games with the Predators. Neal led the Penguins with five hits and scored Pittsburgh’s first goal.

I have a “thing” for former & current Nashville Predators players as you will see. However, my “thing” is not any worse then Chico’s sick, sad, wonderfully Napoleonic love affair with the giant goalies of the team from Nashville, so don’t fret Devils fans.

Oct. 7, 2011 Fire & Ice
Only Martin Brodeur and Patrik Elias remain from the Devils’ last Stanley Cup. Petr Sykora, who was here in 2000, is back. But not many of these players have won.

“We expected to do really well last year and it didn’t happen,” Brodeur said. “It makes everyone anxious and more aware of what can happen if you go out and don’t have a strong start. I know it’s in my head. We have to get off to a better start than we did last year.”

Stats like this only serve to make me feel incredibly old. I mean, for christsakes, I still refer to Parise as a rookie and he’s the goddamned Captain of this boat.

Fire & Ice from Thursday, September 29, 2011

Devils center Patrik Elias was teammates with Jagr in the Czech Republic team at the World Championships in May, so he knew he still had the talent to play in the NHL. It was finding the right team to fit him.

“He’s got five or six points, but they’re all on the power play,” Elias said. “He’s put in a position that he can do well. He’s got a great shot. He’s strong on the puck still. He’s still going to have a couple of great moves. But he maybe had one or two good chances, good moves. He scored on a great pass by Giroux, but he was in the right spot. You don’t want to give him chances. He’s got a touch for the goals. He played well at the worlds.

“That’s why he chose this team. He knew why he was coming here. He’s got the right players to play with.”

He came back to the US because Elias is catching up to his OT shootout wins and he can’t have that — also, you know. You can’t get a good cheesesteak AND piss off Mario Lemieux in Russia.

Final thing is also a Patrik Elias thing; you can see him on Nov. 9th from 6-9 at Buddy’s Sports in the Paramus Park Mall (if you see a girl with a blanket as a present…. well…. I admit to nothing, except I hope he wears the scarf I made….)


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