Czechs & French Canadians

These are the things I talk about when the Devils aren’t playing until Friday….


Vokoun stops 20 shots, Capitals beat Panthers 3-0 — and even better then that, Vokoun did it against the former team that he spent most of last season quietly hating and seething while being sat on the bench.

Too bad the Coach who did that happens to be …. the Devils current coach.

But, that aside, and while it does suck that Michal Neuvirth does have a foot injury, at least this means more Vokoun on ice and there is nothing bad about that.

“For some reason, there is something here [Ottawa],” Danny Briere said at the morning skate. “The last couple of years this has been a tough place for the Flyers to come in and win. Another reason for us to be ready and on our guard.”

Annnnd then the Flyers ended up beating Ottawa 7-2 and everyone but Danny Briere got a point.

Sooooo maybe it’s just you Danny B who has a tough time….

Also, there is a Jaromir Jagr Night Hockey School going on and I have never been so creeped out and amused at the same time.


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I'm a Jersey girl born and raised which is why I am such a bitch sometimes. I have a hate of the NY Rangers, a tolerance of the Islanders and a torrid love affair with the New Jersey Devils. This is my hockey blog, woo woo woo you know it bro.
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