Devils notes so far:

So, my laptop’s space bar broke and you never realize how important (and annoying) a spacebar really is until BOOM gone.

So, a belated post about the first 3 Devils games of the 2011-2012 season;


And apparently Patrik Elias’  as well because he, Sykora and Parise (ESP line no A-Line v2 because if anything that’s what the EGG line was)  has had a great start of the season – even though every in-game and post-game interview Elias still says they could be better – that is because he has a higher standard of hockey excellence then most.

But in regards to the other games — the opener against Philly was pathetic (it was the Flyers first shutout against us in 82 or 85 regular season games) and my disdain for Adam Larsson (but hots for his mother) grows with every game.  The Carolina game was wonderful (and I enjoyed being able to finally get back to my irrational in real life / completely rational hate of a state just because I hate their hockey team) and last nights game against the Kings was great, even if Anze Kopitar still looks like he’s going to eat my goddamn brains.

The next game (Saturday night’s all right for fightin’) is going to be against my other favorite team / favorite city of the Nashville Predators and I can’t wait because the Predators won’t be seeing that much action up here this year (fuck Detroit or Columbus, Nashville should be in the east next season)

Or really, How The West Is Vastly Confused


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I'm a Jersey girl born and raised which is why I am such a bitch sometimes. I have a hate of the NY Rangers, a tolerance of the Islanders and a torrid love affair with the New Jersey Devils. This is my hockey blog, woo woo woo you know it bro.
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